IPP> IIG/OPS - Validating Set Operations

IPP> IIG/OPS - Validating Set Operations

IPP> IIG/OPS - Validating Set Operations

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jan 11 19:05:11 EST 2000

Bob Herriot has written up some rules for validating Set-Printer-Attributes
and Set-Job-Attributes operations.  It is along the lines of the
Implementer's Guide section on validating Job Creation operations.

The three page analysis is available at:


It is relevant to the IPP telecon, Wednesday, 1/12/2000 10-12 PST (1-3 EST).

ISSUE 00:  Should we add it to the IIG?

Doing this exercise did raise two issues:

 ISSUE 01:  There needs to be an attribute which specifies those attributes
which can have name values added to the xxx-supported attributes, e.g.
"attributes-with-names" and its value would contain a subset of the three
attributes names: "media", "job-hold-until" and "job-sheets".

ISSUE 02: Should we add a new Printer Description attribute that specifies
the allowed values for "job-priority-supported", e.g.
"job-priority-supported-values(1setOf (integer(1:MAX) |
rangeOfInteger(1:MAX)))?  Or should we simply REQUIRE that an implementation
that supports setting  "job-priority-supported" also support any value from
1 to 100?


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