IPP> OPS - Should "attributes-natural-language" be allowed to be setta ble?

IPP> OPS - Should "attributes-natural-language" be allowed to be setta ble?

IPP> OPS - Should "attributes-natural-language" be allowed to be setta ble?

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jan 12 12:28:26 EST 2000


If a client does a Set-Job-Attributes to a text or name attribute that is
settable and supplies a different natural language in the value, it should
be accepted the same as it is in the Job Creation operation for the same
text or name attribute.  I don't see any reason to have an exception to the
rule about setting Job attributes.

However, my original mail message was about the Job Description attribute
"attributes-natural-language" that is set from the client-supplied
"attributes-natural-language" operation attribute in Job Creation
operations.  So my original question was whether we could remove
"attributes-natural-language" from the MUST BE READ-ONLY list in the
Set-Job-Attributes spec.  Removing it doesn't mean implementations have to
support setting it.  It just allows them to (if they work out all the


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From: McDonald, Ira [mailto:imcdonald at sharplabs.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 17:26
To: 'Hastings, Tom N'; ipp
Subject: RE: IPP> OPS - Should "attributes-natural-language" be allowed
to be setta ble?

Hi Tom,

This is rather subtle.  You're saying "if the client mistakenly
said 'German' but ACTUALLY supplied the CLIENT-SUPPLIED attributes
in 'Danish', should the the client be able to subsequently CORRECT
the value of 'attributes-natural-language' on the job?" (I think).

I'm not so sure this is simple.  Would we want the client also to
be able to change 'attributes-natural-language' on the Job after
submission and then change the VALUES of the CLIENT-SUPPLIED text
attributes?  Changing the 'attributes-natural-language' will change
the output of speech synthesis software (for users of hand-helds,
cell-phones, or accessibility-enhanced PCs).

I see your point, but I think the ramifications are not so simple.

- Ira McDonald (consulting architect at Sharp Labs America)
  High North Inc

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From: Hastings, Tom N [mailto:hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 4:13 PM
To: ipp
Subject: IPP> OPS - Should "attributes-natural-language" be allowed to
be setta ble?

Section 9.2.1 includes  "attributes-natural-language" in the list of Job
attributes that MUST NOT be settable.  However, it seems useful and not hard
to implement, if a user's client sets the wrong natural language, that the
user could change it after job submission, so that messages would come in
the proper (supported) language).

ISSUE 12 - Ok to remove "attributes-natural-language from the list of Job
attributes that MUST be READ-ONLY?


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