IPP> Service Location for printers - SLP template review

IPP> Service Location for printers - SLP template review

IPP> Service Location for printers - SLP template review

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Wed Jan 19 18:24:13 EST 2000

Hi Zeroconf folks,                    Wednesday (19 January 2000)

I've just been reading with pleasure the newest (10 January 2000)
Zeroconf Requirements, draft-ietf-zeroconf-reqts-02.txt.  The 
references to SLPv2 (RFC 2608) and printer discovery scenarios
led me to forward for your comments the following:

    - Definition of 'printer:' URLs for use with SLP 
      (21 October 1999)

The abstract 'printer:' service template will be registered with IANA
in the very near future.  I did the October 1999 updates to align
the template with the final texts of the IPP/1.1 (Internet Printing
Protocol v1.1) from June 1999 which are 'standards track' (IPP/1.0
is Experimental, largely because it overloaded 'http:' URLs rather
than using a dedicated 'ipp:' URL).

The IETF IPP WG is now doing a final review of the SLP 'printer:'
template.  Harry Lewis (IBM) and I are currently collaborating to
translate the SLP 'printer:' template to an equivalent LDAP schema,
also for IANA registration, following the procedures in:

    - Conversion of LDAP Schemas to and from SLP Templates
      (22 October 1999)

Comments on the choice of template attributes from you folks would
be very welcome.  Please send comments to 'ipp at pwg.org'.

Note that, in accordance with IETF SLP WG philosophy, we have *not*
included state/status attributes (because they are too volatile and
would therefore cause re-registration storms in SLP).

Comments received by mail by next Wednesday morning, will be reviewed
at the regular IETF IPP WG Telecon:

Time:     26 January 2000 10:00-12:00 US PST (1:00-3:00 US EST)
Phone:    888-749-8496
Passcode: 86037#

- Ira McDonald (consulting architect at Sharp Labs America)
  (co-editor of SLP 'printer:' template)
  High North Inc

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