IPP> OPS - Updated Job and Printer Set operations posted

IPP> OPS - Updated Job and Printer Set operations posted

IPP> OPS - Updated Job and Printer Set operations posted

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Jan 24 05:20:14 EST 2000

Bob Herriot and I have edited the agreements reached at the last few IPP
telecons and the mailing list:


We'd like to review this at the upcoming IPP telecon, Wednesday, 1/26/00, in
preparation for the IPP WG meeting, February 9-10.

Here is the abstract, remaining 3 issues, and the change history.

This document specifies 3 additional OPTIONAL operations for use with the
Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and IPP/1.1
[ipp-mod, ipp-pro].  The first is the Set-Printer-Attributes operation that
operators/administrators may perform on a Printer object to change Printer
attribute values. The second is the Set-Job-Attributes operation that
end-users may perform on their jobs and operators/administrators may perform
on any job, depending on circumstances. The operation changes the Job
attribute values. The third is the Get-Reset-Printer-Attributes operation
that operators/administrators may perform on a Printer object in order to
determine the values that Printer attributes would have after a Reset
operation and to determine acceptable values for certain attributes in the
Set-Printer-Attributes operation.
A Printer implementation can make the value of some attributes dependent on
the document-format, e.g. "resolution-supported".
Two operation attributes:  "printer-message-from-operator" (text) and
"job-message-from-operator" (text) are included to set the corresponding
IPP/1.1 Printer and Job Description attributes with the same names.   A new
out-of-band value 'any-name' is added.  It can be the value of
"xxx-supported" attributes whose syntax types includes both 'keyword' and
'name'. The value 'any-name' matches any name supplied by the client during
New Printer Description attributes are added: 
		printer-settable-attributes (1setOf type2 keyword)
		job-settable-attributes (1setOf type2 keyword)
		printer-message-time (integer(MIN:MAX))
		printer-message-date-time (dateTime)
		document-format-varying-attributes (1setOf type2 keyword)
		authentication-methods-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)
		security-methods-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)
A new status code is added: 'client-error-attributes-not-settable'.
A 'default' out-of-band values is added for use by the client in
Set-Job-Attributes, Job Creation, and Validate-Job requests to indicate
explicitly that the Printer is to apply its default value with the same
semantics and precedence (lower than the document content) as if the Job
attribute were not present on the Job object.
Finally, the 'not-settable' out-of-band attribute value is added for
returning in the Set-Printer-Attributes and Set-Job-Attributes operation
The scope of IPP, is characterized in RFC2526 "Design Goals for an Internet
Printing Protocol".  It is not the intent of this document to revise or
clarify this scope or conjecture as to the degree of industry adoption or
trends related to IPP within printing systems.  It is the intent of this
document to extend the original set of operations - in a similar fashion to
the Set1 extensions which referred to IPP/1.0 and were later incorporated
into IPP/1.1.
This document is intended for registration following the registration
procedures of IPP/1.0 [RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod].  This version
contains only the Set-Printer-Attributes and Set-Job-Attributes operations
which have been removed from the Set2 operation document so that t

Here are the three remaining issues:

ISSUE 01 - MUST the client supply "document-format" when supplying
"document-format-varying-scope " with a 'single-document-format' value?  If
yes, then this paragraph goes away.

ISSUE 02: There could be a separate operation Get-Allowed-Printer-Attributes
for determining allowed values. This operation would return the same value
as Get-Reset-Printer-Attributes for "xxx-supported", but would return
allowed values rather than the Reset value for other attributes.  We have
not yet seen a need for such an operation because the spec provides rules
for inferring the allowed values except for "xxx-supported" values.

ISSUE 03: Should the 'any-name' value be a keyword with special behavior or
a new type of value, such as an out-of-band value?  This document has been
written as an out-of-band value.

Changes to the January 4, 2000 version to make the January 20, 2000 version
The following changes to the January 4, 2000 version to make the January 20,
2000 version as a result of the IPP WG telecons and mailing list discussion:
1.	Replaced the "factory-settings" operation attribute proposed to be
added to the Get-Printer-Attributes operation with the
Get-Rest-Printer-Attributes operation which returns the reset values and the
possible "xxx-supported" values.
2.	Added the out-of-band 'any-name' value to be used with
"xxx-supported" attributes with attribute syntax 'type3 keyword | name' to
indicate that any name will be accepted in a Job Creation operation for
configurations that support such a concept.
3.	Added authentication-methods-supported (1setOf type2 keyword) and
security-methods-supported (1setOf type2 keyword) Printer Description
attributes so that clients can discover the possible values for use in
Set-Printer-Attributes to set "uri-authentication-supported" and
"uri-security-supported" attributes, since the Reset-Printer operation
doesn't change them.
4.	Added validation rules that the Printer MUST use to validate a
Set-Printer-Attributes request.
5.	Clarified that the Set-Printer-Attributes operation MUST NOT have
any side effects on other attributes, unless explicitly specified in this
6.	Moved the specification of the attributes that MUST be READ-ONLY to
Appendix A.
7.	Added the "document-format-varying-attributes" (1setOf type2
8.	Added the REQUIRED "document-format-varying-scope" operation
attribute to Set-Printer-Attributes in order to control whether one or all
document formats are affected for those attributes that vary by document
9.	Clarified that the Printer returns the
'client-error-attributes-not-settable' status code in a
Set-Printer-Attributes response whether the attribute is READ-ONLY, the
attribute is not supported, or the value is not supported.
10.	Added the out-of-band 'default' value for use with
Set-Job-Attributes and Job Creation operations.
11.	Deleted the "printer-message-operation" Printer Description
12.	Made the "Get-Reset-Printer-Attributes" operation, along with the
"authentication-methods-supported" and the "security-methods-supported"
Printer Description attributes REQUIRED, if the Set-Printer-Attributes
operation is supported.
13.	Made the  'not-settable' out-of-band value and the
'client-error-not-settable' status code REQUIRED, if the
Set-Printer-Attributes operation is supported.
14.	Made the 'default' out-of-band value REQUIRED, if the
Set-Job-Attributes operation is supported.
15.	Removed the requirement that "xxx-supported" Printer Description
attributes that contain only one value be read-only.

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