IPP> TES: IPP Bake-Off #3

IPP> TES: IPP Bake-Off #3

IPP> TES: IPP Bake-Off #3

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at usa.xerox.com
Wed Feb 23 10:22:09 EST 2000


At the New Orleans PWG meeting we have arrived at a tentative date for the
next IPP Bake-Off.  We are looking at the week of October 16.

This is an official call for any parties interested in hosting the next
Bake-Off.  Right now we are looking for anyone with even a casual interest.
This implies no commitment.  I just need to start the process for the next

Interested parties should reply directly to me.  Interest will be kept


				Peter Zehler
				Xerox Architecture Center
				Email: Peter.Zehler at usa.xerox.com
				Voice:    (716) 265-8755
				FAX:      (716) 265-8792 
				US Mail: Peter Zehler
				        Xerox Corp.
				        800 Phillips Rd.
				        M/S 139-05A
				        Webster NY, 14580-9701

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