IPP> RE: Help - Naming problems in SLP 'service:printer'

IPP> RE: Help - Naming problems in SLP 'service:printer'

IPP> RE: Help - Naming problems in SLP 'service:printer'

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Tue Feb 29 16:38:36 EST 2000

Hi Erik,

Thanks very much for clear direction.  I'll make a serious effort
to get the revised SLP 'service:printer' schema out before the
I-D cutoff on 10 March (for the Adelaide IETF plenary).

I labelled the last one 'v1.0' in the template source.  Should
I label the revision 'v1.1' in the template source?  Or should we
try to just publish the fixup as 'v1.0'?

Best Regards,
- Ira McDonald (consulting architect at Sharp Labs America)
  (co-editor of SLP 'service:printer' template)
  High North Inc

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Subject: Re: Help - Naming problems in SLP 'service:printer'

> Many of the SLP 'service:printer' attributes (largely taken from the
> IPP Model) lack a proper scope prefix 'printer-'.  This forces us to add
> those prefixes when translating to an LDAP schema.
> Tom Hastings (editor of IPP Model) just asked me to write to you and ask
> if we can (once more) update the SLP 'service:printer' template and add
> the proper 'printer-' prefixes, to make the translation cleaner and any
> blind mapping (by an SLP-DA to an LDAP directory server) safe.  Some of
> the numerous currently 'unsafe' attribute names include:
> uri-authentication-supported
> uri-security-supported
> media-supported
> color-supported
> sides-supported
> Has IANA already registered <draft-ietf-svrloc-printer-scheme-05.txt>?

still lacks the registrations.  I sent them to IANA in December!
> If I turn out a revised I-D within the next 10 days, can we send that to
> IANA instead?

Go ahead.

Even if the template version 1.0 goes into the repository, we can submit 
the new draft as template version 1.1.  No problem.  

I intend to talk to some members of the IESG soon about how to escalate 
interaction with IANA so the template registry will get started.
> Tom Hastings and I are very concerned about polluting the LDAP flat
> attribute namespace with names like 'uri-security-supported' and
> 'media-supported' without proper 'printer-' prefixes.


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