IPP> New CUPS 1.1 beta and set-job-attributes extension

IPP> New CUPS 1.1 beta and set-job-attributes extension

IPP> New CUPS 1.1 beta and set-job-attributes extension

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon Mar 13 08:43:39 EST 2000

Hi, All!

We're getting close to the second beta release of CUPS 1.1.  Part of
the next beta release is support for the set-job-attributes operation
(see draft-ietf-ipp-job-printer-set-ops-01.txt)


The current implementation of the set-job-attributes in CUPS will
support changing of the job-printer-uri attribute, which is currently
marked as READ-ONLY in the spec.  I've mentioned this problem before,
but let me summarize once again:

    1. The job-printer-uri attribute needs to be changeable to
       support a "move-job" type operation.
    2. We can eliminate certain "special case" problems such as
       moving jobs to a different server by restricting the new URIs
       to the same server, or allowing the server to reject changes
       if they are not possible (e.g. SHOULD support moving to a
       different server, MUST support moving to a different printer
       object on the same server...)
    3. To support implementations that maintain a separate job ID
       space for each printer object, the set-job-attributes
       operation would then also report the current job-id and
       job-uri attributes in the response data.

Our current options with CUPS are to ship it with a non-conforming
implementation of set-job-attributes,or register yet another
extension operation that performs exactly the same functionality
as set-job-attributes but allows the job-printer-uri attribute to
be changed.


Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products                  mike at easysw.com
Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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