IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes - NO_VAL

IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes - NO_VAL

IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes - NO_VAL

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Mon Mar 20 17:31:54 EST 2000

See TH> comments.


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"Buzzelli, Mark" wrote:
> ...
> Does this mean that the encoding should be the no-value syntax,
> followed by the length of the attribute, followed by the attribute
> keyword, followed by the value length of the keyword 'no-val',
> finally followed by the value 'no-val'? I also have another
> interpretation, which is similiar to the unsupported attribute
> handling, of no-value syntax, length, attribute, value length of 2
> octets and then a value of 0x00. The drafts are not very clear on
> the encoding unless I am looking in the wrong sections.

TH> What sections are you looking in?  I agree with Michael Sweet:

I believe the correct implementation is to use the "no-value" tag
with a value length of 0.  That's what CUPS is doing, and according
to section 3.10 of the current draft protocol document:

    "If a value-tag contains an "out-of-band" value, such as
     "unsupported", the value-length MUST be 0 and the value empty
     ù the value has no meaning when the value-tag has an
     "out-of-band" value."

(Carl-Uno, there seem to be 8-bit characters in the latest drafts,
 like the "ù" on the third line above; some MS Word strangeness?)

TH> Yes, it was an EM dash which MS-WORD codes as an 8-bit character.
TH> It was fixed in the [ipp-pro] 05 Internet-Draft.

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