IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

Carl-Uno Manros carl at manros.com
Thu Apr 20 10:41:44 EDT 2000


I am trying to understand the following:

do you either:

1) have a ready solution which you would like to offer us to make into a


2) have a nice idea which you would like help to develop before it works and
is then made into a standard?

I have nothing against making new mappings for IPP, but I would like us to
finish off the stuff we are already working on before taking on further
tasks. If there are new resources available to work on mappings to other
transports - fine. If not, I would like to hold off a little still and try
to wrap up the things we have been working on for the last year or so first.


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> A last IPP meeting, I can see you discussed the topic 'IPP over other
> transports'
> and that Paul Moore metioned the infrared transport. In i-data we
> are working on
> the new wireless technoligy BlueTooth. I think in a few years you will not
> anymore
> see the use of infrared soulutions anymore, but it will be
> BlueTooth. Ericsson,
> Nokia
> and the PDU's are going to implement BlueTooth in their products.
> In i-data we
> are working on a LAN profile to Bluetooth as well as on a
> Printing Profile. Our
> solution for printing over Bluetooth will be to use IPP over WAP. WAP is
> implemented
> in some mobil phones today, and will be widely spread by the
> years. WAP looks
> like
> a lot like HTTP. So I think it would be interesting to run IPP on
> the top of
> WAP. You
> would then be able to print from your PDA or mobil phone.
> Henrik

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