IPP>NOT latest notification spec

IPP>NOT latest notification spec

IPP>NOT latest notification spec

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Wed Apr 26 12:13:38 EDT 2000

Hi Bob,

How about '.pdf'? or better yet '.txt'?  This *is* an IETF WG...

Sharp corporate policies won't let me pick up an MS Word document
off the public Internet (and I agree with those policies).

- Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Xerox and Sharp
  High North Inc

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From: Herriot, Robert [mailto:Robert.Herriot at pahv.xerox.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 8:22 PM
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Subject: IPP>NOT latest notification spec

I have just downloaded the latest spec for notification:


This document has the following changes. It has not yet been carefully
checked for sections that these changes affect. Rather the changes have been
made to present the ideas.

A quick summary of the changes is:

The number of Printer events has been changed from 20 to 13, and the number
of job events been changed from 29 to 13. There is a new attribute
"notify-attributes" that contains additional attributes for a Print to
return in event notifications. Support in both Printer and client is
optional. This attribute is in job creation and subscription creation

The Printer "notify-attributes-supported" attribute lists all attributes
that a Printer supports in the notify-attributes. There is no default
attribute because the default is always no attributes.

The job-notify (1setOf collection) attribute is removed from job creation
operation and replaced by the member attributes "notify-xxx"
(subscriber-user-data is rename notify-user-data). Thus only one
subscription can be created with a job creation and collections are

'None' is removed.

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