IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

David_Kellerman at nls.com David_Kellerman at nls.com
Tue May 2 18:38:15 EDT 2000

Henrik, all,

I thought folks might be interested in this HP press release I
just received.  It relates to the recent discussion of potential
connections between IPP and the Bluetooth wireless technology. 


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Tuesday May 2, 10:31 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
HP to Develop Printing Profiles for Bluetooth Wireless Technology
HP DeskJet, LaserJet, PhotoSmart, OmniBook, Jornada, Business Desktop PC and
JetDirect Divisions to Support Bluetooth

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 2, 2000-- Hewlett-Packard Company today
said it will lead the development of printing profiles for the Bluetooth
wireless technology, an emerging standard in wireless communication. HP, already
a Bluetooth Adopter, will assume Associate status in the Bluetooth Special
Interest Group, and will use its expertise in printing and imaging to help drive
Bluetooth into new consumer segments. The technology, which makes
omni-directional, non-line-of-sight transmission possible, will make pervasive
wireless connectivity a reality. For example, travelers could print text
messages from their cell phones to an airline-club fax machine, or they could
print a map from a PDA to a gas station kiosk complete with printer. 

``We believe Bluetooth will become a pervasive technology and that its full
potential will be realized only when a total solution is accessible: input,
transfer, manipulation and output of information,'' said Vyomesh Joshi, vice
president and general manager of HP's Inkjet Systems Business. ``That's where HP
can add real value.'' 

``The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is delighted to see that HP has increased
its involvement in the Bluetooth SIG, said James Kardach of Intel Corporation
and chairman of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. HP's expertise in printing
and imaging will help to develop new consumer usage models that can take
advantage of the Bluetooth wireless technology.'' 

New Imaging and Printing Paradigm 

HP will lead the development of the Bluetooth wireless technology printing
profiles, which will define the framework and standard language that will allow
printers to communicate with other Bluetooth printing-enabled devices. 

HP's support of the Bluetooth wireless technology in the consumer products arena
is designed to ensure that common devices such as notebook and desktop PCs,
personal digital appliances (PDAs), printers, faxes and cell phones can
communicate with each other at short range, providing a Personal Area Network
(PAN). Initially, mobile and business professionals will benefit from Bluetooth
technology and HP's contribution to the printing and imaging profiles. 

``The market potential for Bluetooth devices is staggering,'' stated Joshi.
``Some estimate that these devices will number 400 million by 2006. HP will make
it possible for people to capture and print information, where, when and how
they want it.'' 

HP's DeskJet, LaserJet and PhotoSmart printer divisions will support the
Bluetooth profile initiative, as will HP's PhotoSmart digital camera, HP
OmniBook notebook PC, HP Jornada handheld PC, HP business desktop PC and
JetDirect divisions. 

Regarding HP's Infrared (Ir) wireless connectivity, Joshi said, ``HP LaserJet,
PhotoSmart, Jornada and OmniBook customers have enjoyed the benefits of HP Ir
solutions. We'll continue to offer, expand and improve those solutions. Our
initiatives with Bluetooth will co-exist with our Ir options, and together will
provide balanced solutions for wireless connectivity.'' 


The Bluetooth wireless technology is a specification for small form factor,
low-cost radio solution providing links between mobile computers, mobile phones
and other portable handheld devices, and connectivity to the Internet. The
Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is driving development of the technology
an bringing it to market, includes promoter companies 3Com Corporation,
Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Toshiba, and more
than 1800 adopter companies. 

About HP 

Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and imaging
solutions and services for business and home -- is focused on capitalizing on
the opportunities of the Internet and the proliferation of electronic services. 

HP announced that it will spin off Agilent Technologies and distribute its
shares of Agilent on June 2, 2000 to HP shareowners of record as of May 2, 2000.
Agilent consists of HP's test and measurement, semiconductor products, chemical
analysis and healthcare solutions businesses. 

HP has 85,400 employees worldwide and had total revenue from continuing
operations of $42.4 billion in its 1999 fiscal year. Information about HP and
its products can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com. 

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