IPP> FW: Job MIB Bake Off and Status

IPP> FW: Job MIB Bake Off and Status

IPP> FW: Job MIB Bake Off and Status

henrik.holst at i-data.com henrik.holst at i-data.com
Tue May 9 03:17:38 EDT 2000

Well, I think we got a lot of things to test regarding IPP, but it is fine with
to run it parallel with the IPP tests.


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Subject:  IPP> FW: Job MIB Bake Off and Status


What should we tell Brian about a Job MIB Bakeoff?

Could it be piggy backed on the IPP bakeoff planned for this October?


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Subject: Job MIB Bake Off and Status

Hi Tom:

It has been a long time since I followed what is happening with the Job MIB.
Is there still plans to have a Bake Off this year?

Also can you tell me if the Job MIB will support assigning job id's to
forms?  That is a downloaded form such as letterhead form or fax form that
stays resident in a device.

Thank you,

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