IPP> RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting [PDL strings]

IPP> RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting [PDL strings]

IPP> RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting [PDL strings]

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed May 10 19:58:45 EDT 2000

I agree with Don about adding the PDL strings to the UPDF agenda.

I'd also like to make sure that there is sufficient distinctions in the UPDF
specification for specifying where the PDL strings go in the payload, so
that the UPDF can indicate the placement of the PDL data as being up front
or as it occurs on the page, etc.  

We have looked at the similar PPD mechanism for positioning IPP Job Template
attributes, like "media", "copies", and "finishings" in the payload up front
and it is almost, but not quite, sufficient for generating conforming
'application/ipp' MIME Media type data.  It would be good if a UPDF file
could have sufficient flexibility to be able to produce an application/ipp
payload for a Print-Job request including the IPP operation attributes and
the IPP Job Template attributes in front of the PDL data in the payload.


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While I don't have XML for it, I think adding the PDL strings should be a
priority item on the list.  This is core to the concept of a UPD... it has
to be
able to know how to do all the basic things for text, images, positioning,

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Subject:  UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting

     I am soliciting agenda items for the New York meeting.

     I know at the last meeting we wanted to continue discussing
fonts. Are there any specific font items?

     Is there anything else that people want to talk about. There
were a few threads about adding the PDL strings to the UPDF file.
If someone has some XML for that - let me know.


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