IPP> TES: Mandatory IPP notification agreement

IPP> TES: Mandatory IPP notification agreement

IPP> TES: Mandatory IPP notification agreement

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Perhaps you had left at that point but a vote was taken and INDP was selected as
the mandatory noticification method pending finalization through discussion on
the e-mail list.

As far as firewalls are concerned, passing or not passing through them is
actually irrelevant but ...... it can be enabled as desired because we plan for
INDP to be on a specific port.

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Well it was my understanding that we didn't agree on a mandatory method.
And the INDP method
won't go through a firewall, so if you are searching for a mandatory method
I would say MAILTO.


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I am working the content planning for the IPP Bake-Off.  I want to be sure
that there is PWG wide agreement on the notification issue.

It is my understanding that INDP is the mandated IPP notification method.
There were some minor updates that have been agreed to and we are awaiting
the final version of the document for PWG last call.  The minor changes are
documented in the meeting minutes from May meeting of the PWG.    This
upcoming INDP document will be the document that the notification section
the Bake-Off will use as a base.

Is this correct or did I misunderstand?


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