IPP> OPS - Job and Printer Administrative Operations (Set2) down-loade d

IPP> OPS - Job and Printer Administrative Operations (Set2) down-loade d

IPP> OPS - Job and Printer Administrative Operations (Set2) down-loade d

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Jul 7 07:44:09 EDT 2000

I've updated the Job and Printer Administrative Operations (formerly called


The Abstract is:

This document specifies the following 16 additional OPTIONAL operations for
use with the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and
IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod, ipp-pro].  :
Printer operations:	Job operations:
Enable-Printer and Disable-Printer	Reprocess-Job
Pause-Printer-After-Current-Job	Cancel-Current-Job
Hold-New-Jobs and Release-Held-New-Jobs	Suspend-Current-Job and Resume-Job
Deactivate-Printer and Activate-Printer	Promote-Job
Restart-Printer	Redirect-Job
Shutdown-Printer and Startup-Printer	Schedule-Job-After

New Printer Description attributes: "subordinate-printers-supported",
"parent-printers-supported", and "redirection-printers-supported".
New "printer-state-reasons" values: 'hold-new-jobs' and 'deactivated'.
New "job-state-reasons" attribute values:  'job-suspended'.
New 'forwarded-operation-failed' event code.
New status code:  'server-error-printer-is-deactivated'.

There are no issues.

The change history is:

The following changes to the February 3, 2000 version to make the July 6,
2000 version as a result of the February 2000 IPP WG meeting and subsequent
email and telecons:
1.	Renamed the Pause-Printer-After-All-Current-Jobs operation to
Hold-New-Jobs and added a complementary Release-Held-New-Jobs operation.
This sets the 'hold-new-jobs' value (instead of the 'moving-to-paused-all'
which is gone) in the Printer's "printer-state-reasons" so that new jobs are
held.  The Printer eventually goes idle when all the current jobs have been
2.	Added the Redirect-Job operation to redirect a job from one Printer
to another on the same server.  It had been previously called Move-Job, but
no movement is required.
3.	Added the Schedule-Job-After operation to schedule a job immediately
a specified job.
4.	Added Printer Description attribute:
"redirection-printers-supported" for validating the Printers that the
Redirect-Job operation supports.
5.	Added the 'forwarded-operation-failed' event code.
6.	Left IPP/1.1 Pause Printer ambiguous as to whether it pauses
immediately or after the current job.  So the
Pause-Printer-After-Current-Job is the unambiguously after the current job.
7.	Capitalized the terms throughout the document.
8.	Clarified that either the Printer or the Device operations or both
can be supported independently of each other.
9.	Clarified that it is the client's responsibility to keep the
Printer's subordinate and parent pointers correct, not the Printer's.
10.	Clarified that forwarding operations is done on a best efforts basis
and not before returning a response.  The 'forwarded-operation-failed' event
helps indicate such problems.
11.	Changed Startup-Printer so that "printer-is-accepting-jobs" is set
to 'false'.  But SHOULD be true when the Printer is powered up, so that it
works out of the box.

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