IPP> ADM - IPP Working Group Last Call for: "Internet Printing Protoc ol (IPP): LDAP Schema for Printer Services" <draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer- schema-02.txt>

IPP> ADM - IPP Working Group Last Call for: "Internet Printing Protoc ol (IPP): LDAP Schema for Printer Services" <draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer- schema-02.txt>

IPP> ADM - IPP Working Group Last Call for: "Internet Printing Protoc ol (IPP): LDAP Schema for Printer Services" <draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer- schema-02.txt>

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Jul 7 14:29:49 EDT 2000


This is a working group Last Call for the "Internet Printing Protocol 
(IPP): LDAP Schema for Printer Services" The latest version of this 
document has been forwarded to the Internet Draft directory as

The Last Call notice follows:

This is a formal request for final comments within the IETF IPP
working group for one document. The  document is "Internet Printing Protocol

(IPP): LDAP Schema for Printer Services" which is being proposed 
for forwarding on to the IESG for publication as an RFC to complement the
previous suite of IPP/1.1 documents. This is a working group product, which
has been thoroughly discussed since mid 1999. 

The document has undergone considerable review and revisions during the past

year in collaboration with experts from the SLP and LDAP community and I 
believe that we now have working group consensus on its adequacy. 

The purpose of a working group Last Call is in the style of "speak now or
forever hold your peace" in case there are fundamental objections which have
not gotten previous or adequate discussion, or minor errors which need

Last Calls are for a minimum of 2 weeks. We will start the Last Call period
today Friday 7 June, 2000 and the period for working group comments will
close on Friday, 21 June (US Pacific time reference), 2000.

The relevant document is:

	Title		: Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): LDAP Schema for 
                          Printer Services
	Author(s)	: P. Fleming, K. Jones, H. Lewis, I. McDonald
	Filename	: draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer-schema-02.txt
	Pages		: 26
	Date		: 06-Jul-00
This document is a product of the Internet Printing Protocol Working 
Group, chartered by the IETF.  Comments should be sent to the
ipp at pwg.org mailing list and the principal editor
flemingp at us.ibm.com.  
This document defines a common printer schema for use with LDAP
directories (a directory service supporting the Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol (LDAP)).  Using this common printer schema enables
client applications to use LDAP to search for printers using
application or user specified search criteria.  Searches are defined 
based on the entry's type and attributes independent of the LDAP
directory being used.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

Internet-Drafts are also available by anonymous FTP. Login with the username
"anonymous" and a password of your e-mail address. After logging in,
type "cd internet-drafts" and then
	"get draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer-schema-02.txt".

A list of Internet-Drafts directories can be found in
or ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf/1shadow-sites.txt

Internet-Drafts can also be obtained by e-mail.

Send a message to:
	mailserv at ietf.org.
In the body type:
	"FILE /internet-drafts/draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer-schema-02.txt".
NOTE:	The mail server at ietf.org can return the document in
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	a MIME-compliant mail reader.  Different MIME-compliant mail readers
	exhibit different behavior, especially when dealing with
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	up into multiple messages), so check your local documentation on
	how to manipulate these messages.
Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant mail reader
implementation to automatically retrieve the ASCII version of the


Carl-Uno Manros
Chair of IETF IPP WG

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