IPP> NOT - mailto: Event Notification Delivery Method down loaded

IPP> NOT - mailto: Event Notification Delivery Method down loaded

IPP> NOT - mailto: Event Notification Delivery Method down loaded

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Jul 7 21:32:49 EDT 2000

We've down loaded the mailto: Delivery Method Document:



The abstract is:

The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] defines operations that a
client can perform in order to create Subscription Objects in a Printer and
carry out other operations on them. The Subscription Object specifies that
when one of the specified Events occurs, the Printer sends an asynchronous
Event Notification to the specified Notification Recipient via the specified
Delivery Method (i.e., protocol). 
The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] specifies that each Delivery
Method is defined in another document. This document is one such document,
and it specifies the 'mailto' delivery method.
For this Delivery Method, when an Event occurs, the Printer immediately
sends an Event Notification via an email message to the Notification
Recipient specified in the Subscription Object. The message body of the
email consists of Human Consumable text and is not intended to be parsed by
a machine.
The Notification Recipient receives the Event Notification in the same way
as it receives any other email message.

The issues are:

ISSUE: RFC 2368 allows more than one mailbox. Do we want this or just 1?

ISSUE: this needs to changed to real ascii encoding for IETF ascii document.

Tom, Bob, and Carl-Uno

P.S. We've also sent it as an I-D.

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