IPP> OPS - Redirect-Job (a ka Move-Job) included in Job and Printer A dmin (Set2) spec

IPP> OPS - Redirect-Job (a ka Move-Job) included in Job and Printer A dmin (Set2) spec

IPP> OPS - Redirect-Job (a ka Move-Job) included in Job and Printer A dmin (Set2) spec

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jul 12 03:19:18 EDT 2000


There is no fatal hole in your proposal.  It is what has been in ISO DPA as
the Resubmit-Job operation for more than 6 years.  However, it has proven
hard to implement (in DPA).  I think that it is much easier in IPP, since
the defaulting  of the first Printer doesn't change the job so that when it
is forwarded to the next Printer then the next Printer reapplies the

One minor problem, is that the first Printer may have substituted some
attributes or values that it didn't support.  So when the first Printer
Resubmits to the second Printer,  more attributes may be lost.  This is not
really a problem, but something that users will have to live with.

However, the idea of Move-Job, renamed to Redirect-Job, was to get the
simple case of when a copy of the job isn't necessary, because it lives on
the same host before and after.

So I believe that there needs to be two distinct operations.  The
Redirect-Job only works for a small set of Printers specified by:

redirection-printers-supported" (1setOf uri)

while the Move-Job (Resubmit-Job) works for any Printer.  Also Move-Job
could also work for completed/aborted/canceled jobs.

Hopefully, the client could hide the fact that there are two operations, by
just showing one action to the user and then using Redirect-Job when it
could, else using Move-Job.


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"Hastings, Tom N" <hastings at c...> wrote:
> I added Move-Job (renamed to Redirect-Job since no job movement is
> to the Job and Printer Administrative Operations spec that I just posted.
> This operation is limited to redirecting a job to another Printer on the
> same server.

This limitation seems a bit restrictive, particularly since the IPP Model
doesn't even define a server object.

I thought of a couple of ways to do a more general, true Move-Job operation
(maybe these have already been discussed and I've missed it).  Given a
Client, an Old Printer, and a New Printer, the object is to get the job
from the Old Printer to the New Printer.

1)  A Move-Job request sent from the Client to the Old Printer causes the
Old Printer to become an IPP client to the New Printer.  The Old Printer
sends a Print-Job request to the New Printer.  When the Old Printer
receives the Print-Job response from the New Printer, it returns this to
the Client as the Move-Job response.  (If the job was accepted, this
response includes the new job-printer-uri, job-id, and job-uri, so the
Client can now track the job on the New Printer.)

2) Instead of a new Move-Job operation, define two new operations:  one
which "inhales" the Job from the Old Printer into the Client, and another
which "exhales" it from the Client to the New Printer.  What should these
new operations be called?  Hmm, ..., ... !  IPPness indeed!  On second
thought, maybe the exhale operation is redundant: the client could just do
a Print-Job.  So, all we need is a new Get-Job operation that allows the
Client to pull the complete Job back from the Old Printer so that it can be
sent to the new Printer with a Print-Job request.

Okay, what are the fatal holes in these proposals?


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