IPP> Notifiaction spec

IPP> Notifiaction spec

IPP> Notifiaction spec

pmoore at peerless.com pmoore at peerless.com
Thu Jul 20 12:00:55 EDT 2000

I apologize if a) this is too late or b) if this is the wrong list.

I would like to propose a significant simplification of the notifications spec.

In the current spec it is possible for the subscriber to say what info they want
in the notification. The adds many layers of complexity that are I beleive
The subscription objects are variable in size
The validation of the subscription request is more complex
The generated messgaes have a varying structure
The size of events varies significatnly (for some notifiaction methods based on
UDP this may be important)
We have to define the behavior of the system in the case where the requested
attribute(s) dont exist on the printer
For human readable messages it is not clear what this means exactly

Just thing of the 400 extra test cases that Tom is going to dream up :-)

My proposal is to simplify by defining the attributes (a minimal set) that each
event always sends. In many cases I expect this to me nothing extra beyond the
set that are always required (printer name , subscription id, job id, etc.) If
the client wants more it can query

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