IPP> DRV: Document Updates

IPP> DRV: Document Updates

IPP> DRV: Document Updates

Hugo Parra HPARRA at novell.com
Thu Aug 3 12:21:24 EDT 2000

I've finally gotten around uploading the Printer Install Extension (a.k.a. printer driver download) document to the FTP site.  This version contains the changes that resulted from the PWG meeting in SF.  It's also the version that was submitted to the IETF last month.



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Various client platforms require that some setting up take place at the
workstation before the client can properly submit jobs to a specific
printer.   This setup process is sometimes referred to as printer
installation.  Most clients need some information about the printer
being installed as well as support files to complete the printer
installation.  The nature of the support files varies depending on the
specific client platform, from simple configuration files to highly
sophisticated printer drivers.  This document refers to these support
files as "client print support files".  Traditionally, the selection and
installation of the correct client print support files has been error
prone.  The selection and installation process can be simplified and
even automated if the workstation can learn some key information about
the printer.  This document describes the IPP extensions that enable
workstations to obtain the information needed to perform a proper
printer driver installation using IPP.

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