IPP> notification methods

IPP> notification methods

IPP> notification methods

kugler at us.ibm.com kugler at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 4 17:24:39 EDT 2000

It's equally impractical in the road warrior scenario.  Most ISPs won't let
you run a server unless you pay them for the privilege.

SOHO is another problem.  Windows Connection Sharing and other network
address translation schemes are often used so that multiple hosts on a LAN
can all reach the Internet through a single IP address allocated by the
ISP.  Of course, ISPs will be happy to sell you more addresses, for a
monthly fee...

So, it's impractical for enterprise, SOHO, and dial-up.  What does that
leave?  Possibly some university networks (and Lexmark ;-) );  I can't
think of much else.


Jay Martin <jkm at underscore.com> on 08/04/2000 02:53:08 PM

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Ah, now you've caught my attention...  ;-)

> Me and 99% of other end users in the real world.  INDP over the Internet
> not impossible, just impractical.

We must assume your term "end users in the real world" refers to
enterprise environments, right?

That is, if the "real world" implies a usage scenario describing a
"Road Warrior sitting in her hotel room wanting to print a document
at a local copy shop", then in your opinion can INDP satisfy those
99% of "real world" users?  Or is it equally impractical as in the
enterprise environment?


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