IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Conference - 000816

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Conference - 000816

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Conference - 000816

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at usa.xerox.com
Wed Aug 16 12:41:38 EDT 2000

Bill & Harry,

I share your concern with regards to the slip in the "finalization" of IPP
Notification.  I believe the lack of time may affect how much we emphasis
the notification testing.  I had hoped that it would take center stage.
Given the limited time it may not.  I have concerns about being able to
accomplish our current plan in 2 days.

Just an interesting data point.  We had about 25 companies interested in
attending the Bake-Off at the first unofficial ping.  So far I have received
6 official registrations.  Out of 6 Printers, 4 are expecting supporting
"mailto" and 1 INDP. Out of 3 Client2, 2 are expected to support "mailto"
and 1 INDP.

I don't think we will be wasting our time with notification testing. 


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I agree with Harry that the bakeoff is too soon after settling on
notification (if we have indeed done that) to allow proper representation.
Perhaps Peter should start thinking about IPP Bakeoff IV?

William A. Wagner (Bill Wagner)
Director of Technology
Imaging Division
NETsilicon, Inc.

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