IPP> REG - Proposal for "job-recipient-name" Job Template att ribute

IPP> REG - Proposal for "job-recipient-name" Job Template att ribute

IPP> REG - Proposal for "job-recipient-name" Job Template att ribute

Mike Bartman bartman at process.com
Wed Sep 20 17:21:45 EDT 2000

> From: Hastings, Tom N [mailto:hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com]

> TH> You mean you want to print a job for the operator but 
> don't know the
> operator's  name, i.e., you want the operator to be the job 
> recipient?  I'd
> be interested for an example situation of when an end user 
> would want to print a job for the operator.

When the end user is a system batch job?  Perhaps the recipient needs a
report of tapes that are to be archived that night, and the system job that
generates the report doesn't know the operators' work schedule and so
doesn't know who is on duty, but still needs to print something for whoever
it is.  I've been in that situation before with other printing systems.

I'm sorry if I'm a bit off-track on this discussion.  If it's about printing
things on the "banner page", then it seems to me that an arbitrary comment
would be more flexible and useful than specifying a lot of specific items.
Something like the "memo" feature on the coverpage, available in most fax

If it's about how to alert a person that a job has been printed, using some
other communication path, such as e-mail, specialized client/server
technology, or whatever, then I don't see how you can request someone
without knowing their "address", whatever it may be, and if you need to
communicate to a class of people, then you will need a class-wide address,
like an "operator" mail account, or a client running on a common monitor
that the members of the class can all see during those times when they care.
In that case there's no difference between a specific person and a class of
people as far as the IPP software is concerned, right?  There's just an
"address" to notify either way.

> TH> Or do you mean that you want the operator to somehow take 
> the job and
> deliver it to the proper person, for which the submitter 
> doesn't know the
> person's name?  I guess that the operator would look at the 
> first few pages
> and hope to find a person's name he/she recognizes?

That could be the case too.  Back when *I* was an operator I'd frequently
get printouts without any routing info on them at all, and it was up to me
to "just know" that the POs went to accounting, the orders went to the
warehouse, and the paychecks went to personnel.  The software that generated
those printouts didn't know, or care, what happened to the stuff once it was
printed, that was my job.

> TH> Still confused.

I probably am too, but maybe something in there will spark something. :^)

-- Mike Bartman
   Process Software
   Principle Software Engineer

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