IPP> Printer Driver Installation of Win2000

IPP> Printer Driver Installation of Win2000

IPP> Printer Driver Installation of Win2000

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Oct 27 20:13:46 EDT 2000

What Japanese characters are you putting in the "printer-make-and-model"?
UTF-8 Japanese characters or some other character set?

Do UTF-8 characters cause a problem if they are included in the 20-character
key that the client uses to index into the .inf file?


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I'm trying to make my product to be interoperable with Win2000
IPP client. In the "Printer Wizard" of Win2000, it seems choose a
perticuler printer driver from "printer-make-and-model" attribute
as an .inf file entry name.
This works perfect for American printers,  however, some of Japanese
IPP printer does have Japanase product name in "printer-make-and-model"
attribute(since it is NOT a keyword but a Text with or without natural
language), so that the Wizard fails to choose driver.
Does "printer-make-and-model" is the only attribute for Win2000 to
determine a printer driver?

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