FW: IPP> DRV - Client Print Support Files Internet-Draftdown-load ed

FW: IPP> DRV - Client Print Support Files Internet-Draftdown-load ed

FW: IPP> DRV - Client Print Support Files Internet-Draftdown-load ed

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Nov 8 18:04:04 EST 2000


History in the IETF has shown that if you try to take on a task that has too
wide a scope it simply cannot be done. The IPP project waited for two years
while other people in the IETF tried to come up with a generic solution to
notifications and later also for immediate messaging. Both these areas have
been stalled without progress, the notification one seems to be closed down
for good, and the immediate messaging one is just barely still alive. Hence,
IPP developed it's own solution to subscription for events and alternative
notification delivery methods. This was not our choice, but became a


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> From: Manros, Carl-Uno B [mailto:cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com]

> I am just responding to your very first question on why we 
> want to do driver
> download.

Thank you for your reply.  I understand why you might want the capability, I
was mostly questioning whether it should be a part of IPP, or be a seperate
protocol effort that IPP would then use, along with other protocols that
need that functionality.  Having every protocol define its own method of
doing essentially the same task (selecting the right file to download and
the processing to be done when it arrives) seems redundant to me.
Redundancy of this sort is bad, unlike redundancy of connections or
computers. :^)

The security aspects would be critical for our market (OpenVMS), and
probably for others as well.  I expect security to become a bigger factor in
everything net-related as more and more people and functions are shifted to

> Your points on the security aspects of downloading any code 
> from a printer
> (or some referenced server on the web) are well taken and we 
> may need to
> look more closely at that problem before we are done. Also, 
> your point about
> more generic drivers that might be platform independent or 
> rely on scripting
> or parameter files rather than complete unique drivers, needs 
> to be taken into consideration.
> Thanks for your comments,

You are welcome.  Glad I could contribute something.

-- Mike Bartman
   Process Software
   Principle Software Engineer

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