IPP> Re: UPD> registered parameters

IPP> Re: UPD> registered parameters

IPP> Re: UPD> registered parameters

Jim Lo Jim.Lo at eng.sun.com
Tue Nov 14 15:37:08 EST 2000


Just in case it may be of any help, attached please find the collection of all predefined paper sizes 
from many standards (number of entries -- all:175 / IPP:73 / GPD:117 / PPD:151)

Best regards


Table of Content

  A. PaperSizes (all/GPD/PPD/IPP/TIPSI/ISO/JIS) Sorted By Name/Size
  B. Feature/Option Display Names For en_US Locale


  A. PaperSizes (all/GPD/PPD/IPP/TIPSI/ISO/JIS) Sorted By Name/Size

     1. All PaperSizes (Sorted By Name)
     2. All PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     3. IPP PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     4. PPD PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
     5. GPD PaperSizes (Sorted By Size)
 //The table contains the option keywords currently registered for all (version 1.0) PaperSize feature,
 //which designates a given physical paper size on a printing device. Most of those predefined options
 //are from the following standards:
 //  IPP:       Internet Printing Protocol (PWG)
 //  ISO:       International Standard Organization
 //  JIS:       Japanese Industry Standard
 //  TIPSI:     Transport Independent Print System Interface (Lexmark)
 //  PPD:       PostScript Printer Description format (Adobe)
 //  GPD:       Generic Printer Description format (Microsoft)
 //The following substrings as qualifiers have special meaning ...
 //  ENV:        Envelope papers.
 //  JENV:       Japanese Envelope papers.
 //  PENV:       Chinese (PROC) Envelope papers.
 //  EXECUTIVE:  The paper size varies by as much as 0.5 inch across devices.
 //  EXTRA:      To print crop marks and bleeds marks in the margins, an extra size designates
 //              a page size slightly larger than its corresponding standard size. However,
 //              the increase in size (typically 0.69 to 1 inch) varies from a device to another.
 //  ROTATED:    The image is rotated relative to the corresponding standard size. This
 //              would usually produce a landscape image on the paper (the x dimension is
 //              longer than the y dimension)
 //  SMALL:      A paper that is the same physical size as the regular standard paper except
 //              its printable area is typically 10 to 20 points smaller.
 //  TRANSVERSE: The long edge of the physical paper is perpendicular to the feed direction.
 //              It is opposed to the cases where most printers feed paper with the
 //              short edge of the paper perpendicular to the feed direction.
 //  Dimension values enclosed in {} are specified in points (1 point = 1/72 inch;
 //                                                           1 inch = 25.4 milimeter)
 //  Dimension values enclosed in [] are specified in their original measurement unit

B. Feature/Option Display Names For en-US Locale (PaperSize etc)

//For en_US locale:
//The human-readable display strings are arranged in such a way that major keys come before minor keys.
//Taking PaperSize as an example, a country or area name comes before anything else.
//Then, a standard paper size name comes with zero or more variant qualifiers, such as Rotated and Transverse,
//which are enclosed in parentheses. Finally, dimension field in original measurement units
//is followed. Note that "North American" is implied if there is no country or area name
//is explicitly specified for the sake of compactness in screen real estate.
//It is suggested that translation be performed on a word-by-word basis whenever possible so that
//the display strings would be listed on screen more predictably when categorized as a result of
//language-specific collation.

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