IPP> FW: FYI... "Bar BoF" on Networked Appliances at IETF 49

IPP> FW: FYI... "Bar BoF" on Networked Appliances at IETF 49

IPP> FW: FYI... "Bar BoF" on Networked Appliances at IETF 49

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Mon Dec 4 15:40:09 EST 2000


A BOF (birds of a feather) on Networked Appliances at IETF 49
next week - from the IETF Zero Configuration WG mailing list.

- Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Sharp and Xerox
  High North Inc

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Subject: FYI... "Bar BoF" on Networked Appliances at IETF 49

(resending this as I'm not sure it was distributed first time round -
if this is a copy)


The area of Networked Appliances has received much attention in recent
Networked Appliances of the future will be 'plug and play' and many will be
portable, raising a large number of architectural, protocol and
issues.  Some of these issues have been highlighted in recent Internet
and these are available (with a FAQ) at the Networked Appliances web page


To enable further open discussion on this topic at IETF 49, there will be an
informal BoF at lunchtime on Tuesday (Dec. 12).  If you are interested in
attending, please reply to Stan Moyer (stanm at research.telcordia.com) or
(stsang at research.telcordia.com).  We can plan to meet at noon in the
room (or some other likely meeting place) and I (or Stan) will make
at a nearby restaurant for the group (which is why your RSVP is necessary).

I hope to hear from you soon and to see you at the BoF.

Best Regards,

Simon Tsang (Ph.D)
Research Scientist - Internet Service Management Research
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. ( http://www.telcordia.com )

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