IPP> RE: IPP print channel Discovery using SSDP

IPP> RE: IPP print channel Discovery using SSDP

IPP> RE: IPP print channel Discovery using SSDP

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Dec 6 00:32:28 EST 2000

Peter and Harry,

Peter's proposal to use alt-location was considered today, but rejected,
because it would mean that the UCP that was interested in using IPP would
have to read the UPnP Print Service Template to find the alt-location.
Instead, it was agreed that a Printer should advertise IPP as a separate
service using SSDP.  So if a Printer supports BOTH IPP and UPnP, it would
send out 7 SSDP packets, 6 as required by UPnP and one for IPP.  If is
supports only IPP, it would only send out 1 packet.

In order to get this SSDP definition for IPP, it was suggested that the IPP
WG should define an SSDP service response in a separate document, perhaps a
PWG document.  It was suggested to do this as a work item this week at the
IPP WG meeting.



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Attached is the text to be included in the Printer Device Template
describing the use of the "alt-locations" header in UPnP for IPP print
channel discovery.

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