IPP> RE: Registering MIME PDLs

IPP> RE: Registering MIME PDLs

IPP> RE: Registering MIME PDLs

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Thu Dec 14 19:55:24 EST 2000

Hi Tom and Harry,

Two comments:
1) RFC 2048 (MIME Part 4: Registration Procedures, November 1996)
   is stable and works fine - that's how 'application/ipp' was
   registered - someone just has to do the work to write the
   registration form for EACH new MIME type
2) Characterizing XHTML-Print as work 'for W3C' is wildly wrong.
   It's very unlikely that the W3C will ever accept XHTML-Print,
   because it violates a whole series of MANDATORY requirements 
   in the W3C's WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) stds about
   fully separating content from presentation (like page breaks)
   to achieve universal accessibility to mobile users and disabled
   users (among others).

- Ira McDonald

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No, I never tried to actually register MIME media types for each of the PDLs
that are in the Printer MIB as Interpreter enums.  

PostScript and PCL already have registered MIME media types, so those enums
don't need MIME media types.

These MIME media types are used in IPP and UPnP to represent the document
format of a job submission and the document formats supported by a Printer.

The XHTML/Print document format (that is being worked on for the W3C for use
in such protocols as UPnP and Bluetooth) needs to be registered as a MIME
type with IANA when it is further along.  We probably need to figure out
earlier than that which MIME media type tree it would fit under.

The Printer MIB WG (PMP) should also allocate a Printer MIB interpreter enum
for XHTML/Print as well when the spec is further along.

As a completely separate activity, the PWG should figure out what of the
other Printer MIB interpreter enum values have MIME media types.  Of course
any of the owners that need MIME media types for use with IPP, UPnP, or
other protocols that identify document formats using MIME media types can
simply apply for such registration with IANA following the rules.  However,
there may now need to be an RFC to back up the registration, but I'm not

While it would be easier to make a single RFC with most of the interpreter
enum values that don't have MIME media types already, that may take a while.
(Its been one of my action items for two years and I never get around to



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Subject: Registering MIME PDLs

Tom, didn't you try to register a bunch of PDLs with IANA? I'm thinking you
tried and found IANA unresponsive but I could be wrong.
Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems

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