IPP> Happy New Year ....

IPP> Happy New Year ....

IPP> Happy New Year ....

senthil_g_v at usa.net senthil_g_v at usa.net
Sun Dec 31 13:54:25 EST 2000

senthil_g_v at usa.net has sent you an Egreetings.com(r) card!

To view your card, simply click the following Web address
any time over the next three weeks:


Need some help?  See below!

Perhaps your E-mail program doesn't recognize the Web address as an active
link.  No problem!  You can copy and paste the Web address into your Web

Here are instructions on how to copy and paste:
a. With your mouse, highlight the *entire* Web address above
b. Select the EDIT menu and choose COPY
c. Go to your Web browser and *click inside* the window where
you normally type a Web address to visit
d. Select the EDIT menu and choose PASTE
e. Now hit ENTER on your keyboard to take you to the Web address

It's that easy! :-)

If you would like further assistance, we're happy to help - please send
E-mail to solutions at egreetings.com

E-greetings is a registered trademark and Egreetings is a trademark of
Egreetings Network, Inc.

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