IPP> IPP/2.1 support now in CUPS 1.4svn!

IPP> IPP/2.1 support now in CUPS 1.4svn!

IPP> IPP/2.1 support now in CUPS 1.4svn!

Michael R Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Jan 9 18:53:39 EST 2009


I've just committed the last of the changes needed to provide full
support for IPP/2.1 in CUPS 1.4.

 From a standpoint of implementation, there was really very little to

- Add support for version 2.x in request headers
- Add "2.0" and "2.1" to ipp-versions-supported
- Add support for the Get-Printer-Supported-Values and
   Set-Printer-Attributes requests
- Add mappings to/from the PWG 5101.1 media names so that we aren't
   depending on printer drivers to adopt the new names

To ensure maximum compatibility, I still default to sending IPP/1.1
requests (version 1.1 in the request message header), with an admin-
defined option to send IPP/2.0 or IPP/2.1 requests to printers that
need it.

For earlier CUPS 1.x releases, the two key things preventing IPP/2.x
compatibility are the support for version 2.x request headers (CUPS
1.3 and earlier will reject an IPP/2.x request with the
client-error-bad-request status code) and the two printer operations
from RFC 3380 that were only recently implemented for CUPS 1.4.

Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

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