Draft of the new prtGeneralPrinterName MIB object

Draft of the new prtGeneralPrinterName MIB object

Draft of the new prtGeneralPrinterName MIB object

Bill Wagner bwagner at digprod.com
Fri Aug 2 10:14:14 EDT 1996

     I think the answer to Michael's question is in Jay's description.
     "The value of this object can be any arbitrary string..." If an 
     administrator wanted to use the AppleTalk name, or any name, he may. 
     But the spec must not limit he ability to use some other name if he 
     wished. Incidentally, I would not suggest that the AppleTalk name be 
     used, since multiple printers can have the same name, and 
     differentiation is typically accomplished by appending a digit one 
     higher than that appended to any identical base name discovered. The 
     names then, can either be nonunique or nonconsistent from power cycle 
     to power cycle, depending upon whether one considers the name to 
     include the differentiating digit. Further, printers tend to be 
     multiprotocol, with the AppleTalk name not necessarily being preserved 
     across other protocols.
     I have suggested...not to strongly...  that the AppleTalk printer name 
     (and zone)  would be an appropriate entry for the  new 
     prtChannelMagicCookie object associated with AppleTalk PAP.
     Bill Wagner, DPI.
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     Subject: Re: Draft of the new prtGeneralPrinterName MIB object
     Author:  jkm at underscore.com (JK Martin) at Internet
Date:    8/1/96 7:02 PM


> Would it be acceptable to allow the administrative name to be used for
> AppleTalk addressing purposes?  In that environment, printers are identified
> by symbolic names (up to 31 characters) in the Chooser.  There are some
> limitations on the character set which may be used for such names though
> whereas the description below allows any arbitrary string.

I don't see why one can't use the AppleTalk "Chooser" name as the
value for this object.  Seems pretty rationale and natural to me.

Let me ask this:  given a heterogenous network (PCs, Macs, Unix, etc),
would an administrator refer to the printer by the Mac Chooser name
within all environments?  That is, if the Chooser name is "LaserZapper",
then would an administrator tend to refer to the printer as "LaserZapper"
in the non-Mac environments?


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