SM> Keyword Extension ISSUE 1

SM> Keyword Extension ISSUE 1

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Thu Sep 26 08:49:38 EDT 2002


As stated in the previous mail note "CORRECTED Keyword Extension Mechanism
for schema" sent earlier, I would like to resolve ISSUE 1.

ISSUE 1:  What requirements do we have to help us close on a solution?

 It seems to me that the primary objectives are to 
	A)	Insure that the schema for the print model is easily
extended. For both vendors and sites.  The extensions should be allowed at
both the object and semantic element value levels.
	B)	Enable print client developers to ascertain the capabilities
of a print device at runtime.

I think I heard a requirement that a client be able to determine that a
request is well formed, in the PWG schema sense, using XML tools and the PWG
schema.  Am I hearing that requirement correctly?  

What do you think the requirements are for selecting a solution for schema


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