SM> Re: IPP> "-actual" multivalue types issue

SM> Re: IPP> "-actual" multivalue types issue

Dennis Carney dcarney at
Fri Oct 25 10:52:51 EDT 2002


My idea was that since these "-actual" attributes are supposed to tell you
what *actually happened*, they should cover the case where more than one
value was used.

An example: a job is submitted from Windows with a Windows separator page.
The separator page prints from tray 1, blue paper, simplex; the main job
prints from tray 3, white paper, duplex.  Both the media-actual and
sides-actual attributes would have two values.  As it turns out, a
submitting IPP client on Windows (port monitor) can find out from Windows
that the job has a separator page, but has no way to find out from Windows
about media or plex.  Therefore, such a client can interpret the two values
to mean the first is for the separator page, the second is for the job.
This interpretation will be right almost all of the time.

This proposal is supposed to address the "job receipt" shortcoming without
adding a lot of work to the Printer or the standards body :-).  With that
in mind, I could be persuaded to get rid of the multivalued aspect.  But I
think it adds (possibly) significant functionality at a low cost.


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My first comment is that the data types of the processing attribute should
be the same as the base's.  The base's definition determines if the
element can be multivalued.  If the base can not be multivalued the actual
should not be either.

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I have downloaded the first draft (version 0.1) of the document 'IPP: "
-actual" attributes extension'.  The document is 12 pages long, but the
proposal is only 5 of those pages.  The document is located at:

This document will be discussed on the October 31 Semantic Model
teleconference.  Any comments should be sent to the IPP mailing list.

This document defines an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
(IPP/1.0) [RFC2566, RFC2565] & IPP/1.1 [RFC2911, RFC2910] for the OPTIONAL
"-actual" set of Job Description attributes that correspond to Job Template
attributes defined in IPP. These "-actual" attributes allow the client to
determine the true results of a print job regardless of what was specified
in the Create-Job or Print-Job operation.

Dennis Carney
IBM Printing Systems

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