SM> ACT - IPP "-actual" attributes latest spec, version 0.3

SM> ACT - IPP "-actual" attributes latest spec, version 0.3

Dennis Carney dcarney at
Mon Dec 16 18:54:02 EST 2002

I have copied version 0.3 of the IPP "-actual" attributes spec to the PWG
ftp site:

This version includes the decisions made on the 12/12/02 Semantic Model

This version is intended to be a candidate for a last call to begin in a
few weeks.

It was agreed that all discussion of this spec will occur on the Semantic
Model mailing list.  However, I copied this announcement to the IPP mailing
list so the existence of the spec was known.

The abstract:
This document defines an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
(IPP/1.0) [RFC2566, RFC2565] & IPP/1.1 [RFC2911, RFC2910] for the OPTIONAL
"-actual" set of Job Description attributes that correspond to Job Template
attributes defined in IPP.  These "-actual" attributes allow the client to
determine the true results of a print job regardless of what was specified
in the Create-Job or Print-Job operation.

Note that it was discussed on the telecon that I would replace section 2.1,
the Conformance Terminolgy section, with a better version that Tom Hastings
and Ira McDonald have been working on.  The new improved version of that
section is not ready yet, so I'm going to put out a 0.3 version without
that change, then possibly pick up that change in the last call version.

Dennis Carney
IBM Printing Systems

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