SM> Inconsistent Action, Element, StatusString and Value

SM> Inconsistent Action, Element, StatusString and Value

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Mon Mar 24 12:16:08 EST 2003


Unless there is any objection I would like to keep the naming convention
consistent across the PWG Semantic Model.  We recently changed the
StatusString to align with the way all the elements and actions are named.
While working on appendix B I saw the mapping could be simplified if we
apply the same rules to the values of elements as we do to the elements.
Therefore I propose that the values for the elements be aligned with our
convention of capitalizing the first letter, dropping the '-' and
capitalizing the letter that follows it.

Of course the values that we reference from non-PWG/IPP sources would remain
the same (e.g. mime type names).  I would also not change the values used
for media types, media color, and media size since they are in a non-IPP
specific registry(PWG5101.1) and are in use in other environments.

Any objections?

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