SM> New CR document: Standard for Character Repertoire Interoperabiliy

SM> New CR document: Standard for Character Repertoire Interoperabiliy

ElliottBradshaw at ElliottBradshaw at
Mon Mar 24 16:38:05 EST 2003


I have placed an updated version of the Chracter Repertoires document at:

This is a standards track document intended to serve as a reference for the
Semantic Model.  In addition to Yet Another Name, hightlights of recent
changes include:

  -Changed the title to remove "Preferred"
  -Marked some sections as Informative
  -Formatting cleanup;  addition of copyright notice, acknowledgements,
  -Clarification in the Abstract and Introduction of goals and non-goals
  -More information about how this document relates to the Semantic Model
  -Changed the details of syntax for repertoire names
  -More information about rules for matching repertoire names
  -Clarified the wording regarding font sensitivity
  -Confirmed use of Unicode code charts for basic non-Asian repertoires
  -Changed from the notion of "Preferred Repertoire" to "Basic Repertoire";
this emphasizes that the printer is free to advertise additional
  -Included Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A as Basic Repertoires
  -Added requirement to support the euro character

Open issues (that I know of) are highlighted in the document.  Based on
recent meetings I think we are approaching consensus on a number of issues.
Some specific things I want to work on next week:

  -making this suitable for use by SM
  -applying the appropriate PWG process: name, number, approval, etc.

Depending on how our discussion goes we may be able to move to Last Call in
the fairly near future.

Please send comments ASAP, esp. if you will not be in DC.


Elliott Bradshaw
Director, Software Engineering
Oak Technology Imaging Group
781 638-7534

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