SM> Updated IPP Document Object spec downloaded for Thur, Mar ch 27, S M telecon

SM> Updated IPP Document Object spec downloaded for Thur, Mar ch 27, S M telecon

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Wed Mar 26 08:13:01 EST 2003

Section 8.2.10 should reference section 6.1.2 for the definition of member
attributes and semantics.

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27, S M telecon

I've down loaded the updated versions of the IPP Document Object
specification with the changes agreed to at the Thursday, March 20, 2003
telecon.  They are at:
(1,225 KB)
(294 KB)
(649 KB)
(309 KB)

Change Log:

Version 0.8, 24 March 2003, agreements from the March 20 telecon:
	1.	Changed the name of the Send-Document-Data back to Send-Data
to keep the name short.  There wasn't support for keeping the name of the
object affected in the name of the operation.
	2.	Changed "job-mandatory-attributes" operation/Job Description
attribute so that a Printer MUST support it.
	3.	Changed the name of the collection attribute back to
	4.	Removed the Operation attributes and Document Description
attributes that were already in the member attributes of
"document-format-details", so that any details must use the
"document-format-details" (1setOf collection).
	5.	Clarified that with the removal of "document-overrides",
that the client can achieve subset finishing using "pages-per-subset" and
	6.	Clarified that a Printer that supports "page-overrides"
Document Template attribute MUST also support it as an Operation attribute
in Send-Document and Send-URI, but not Create-Document, for backward
	7.	Clarified that containers may contain containers, but that
the "document-format-details" MUST be flattened, if present.
	8.	Clarified that the collection values MAY describe the
container format itself, in which case, it must be the first collection
	9.	Added "document-format-details-detected (1setOf collection)
Document Description attribute.
	10.	Clarified that "document-natural-language" identifies the
primary or first language if a Document contains more than one language.
	11.	Added document-format-details-supported (1setOf type2
keyword) Printer Description attribute.
	12.	Added document-format-details-implemented (1setOf
collection) Printer Description attribute.
	13.	Clarified that a Printer MUST support the
"document-creation-attributes-supported" (1setOf type2 keywords) Printer
Description attribute.

One ISSUE remaining:

Values of the "document-creator-application-version:

"Winzip* 8.1 (4331)", "Acrobat 5.0.5 10/26/2001", "Microsoft* Word 2000
(9.0.4119 SR-1)"'V3.0.', 'V6.0'
ISSUE:  OK that the purpose of "document-creator-application-version is
human consumption, instead of program consumption and that it be the same as
the application shows in its help message?


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