SM> Background on "output-device-xxx" new attributes

SM> Background on "output-device-xxx" new attributes

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Thu Jun 19 19:57:33 EDT 2003

Hi folks,                                        Thursday (19 June 2003)

Ever since IPP/1.0 (RFC 2566), the IPP Job object has had a Description
attribute named "output-device-assigned" (the _single_ name of the print
device assigned by the IPP Printer to process the job).

Earlier today, during the Semantic Model session in Portland, Oregon
we discussed the IPP Job Extensions proposals for adding:

IPP Job Object
"output-device-requested"   - device name requested by client

IPP Printer Object
"output-device-supported"   - device name(s) supported by Printer

"output-device-default"     - device name of Printer default, if any,
                              or _absent_ if no default is configured
                              (so that "output-device-requested" will
                              select from "output-device-supported")

Note that DPA (ISO 10175) does NOT define a Printer attribute analogous
to the JobX proposed "output-device-default" (which has odd semantics).
I suggest that we abandon "output-device-default" and solve the problem.

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc


Background:  Below are the (more numerous and complex) corresponding
attributes defined in DPA (ISO 10175, Document Printing Application):

DPA Server Object (roughly analogous to PSI Print Service)
"physical-printers-supported"   - physical device(s) supported
                                - source attribute for (single-valued)
                                  IPP "output-device-supported"

"physical-printers-ready"       - physical devices currently ready

"logical-printers-supported"    - logical printers supported

"logical-printers-ready"        - logical printers currently ready

DPA Printer Object (analogous to IPP Printer _or_ IPP Device)
"printer-realization"           - logical, physical, or both

"printer-associated-printers"   - logical/physical associated printers

"printers-ready"                - logical/physical associated ready

DPA Job Object (analagous to IPP Job)
"printer-name-requested"        - logical printer or physical device
                                  requested by client
                                - source attribute for (single-valued)
                                  IPP "output-device-requested"

"physical-printers-requested"   - physical device(s) requested by client
                                  if "printer-name-requested" is logical

"printers-assigned"             - physical device(s) assigned by Printer
                                  (multi-valued and ordered)
                                - source attribute for (single-valued)
                                  IPP "output-device-assigned"

                                - state of each assigned physical device
                                  (multi-valued and ordered)

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