SM> Simple Device extension to Semantic Model

SM> Simple Device extension to Semantic Model

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Wed Jul 16 13:32:52 EDT 2003

Hi folks,                                       Wednesday (16 July 2003)

Proposal for a simple Device extension to the PWG Semantic Model:

(1) Add a "PrinterRole" element to the Printer object, with legal values
    'logical' (PSI Print Service, IPP Printer, etc.), 'physical' (PSI
    Target Device, SNMP Device, etc.), or 'logical-and-physical' (for
    consistency with ISO 10175 DPA's "printer-realization" attribute
    and a number of shipping vendor implementations of DPA).

(2) Any 'logical' Printer object MAY support (e.g., via PSI's
    GetTargetDeviceElements) returning its 'best effort knowledge'
    of the elements of local surrogate 'physical' Printers (Devices).
    The URI of each local surrogate 'physical' Printer is formed by

    (a) Any URI value of the "PrinterUriSupported" element (e.g., a
        'pwg-psips:' value), and
    (b) a single dot '.', and
    (c) any value of the "OuputDeviceSupported" element.

(3) A 'physical' Printer supports all standard Printer elements and MAY
    also support the "PrtXXX" elements extracted from the IESG-approved
    final draft of Printer MIB v2 (for the WBMM effort).


- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

PS - Mapping this PWG Semantic Model extension back to IPP is trivial.

The latest IPP Job Extensions spec defines "output-device" (a client
supplied Job Creation operation attribute) and "output-device-supported"
(a Printer attribute that bounds the values of "output-device" and the
existing "output-device-assigned", a Job Description attribute).

An 'ipp:' value of "printer-uri-supported" on an IPP 'logical' Printer
MAY be suffixed with a dot and a value of "output-device-supported" to
form the URI of an IPP 'physical' Printer with "prt-xxx" attributes.

Existing Get-Printer-Attributes and Set-Printer-Attributes operations
MAY be used to manage and configure an IPP 'physical' Printer.  No new
IPP operations are required to add Device support to IPP.

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