SM> FW: IPP> Re: ISSUE 17: about server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B)

SM> FW: IPP> Re: ISSUE 17: about server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B)

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Michael Sweet's comments on 'server-error-too-many-jobs/documents'.

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Hastings, Tom N wrote:
> Michael,
> Do you have some input on this issue in the Document object spec about
> we should say about whether or not the client should try again (later) on
> the proposed new server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B):
> 22. About ISSUE17: 
> 13.1 server-error-too-many-jobs (0x050B)
> The client has attempted to create a Job using any of the Job Creation
> operations which would exceed the capacity of the Printer and/or the
> for this user or type of Job.  The client SHOULD NOT try again later.  DMC
> ISSUE17: I would have said SHOULD try again later, because resources might
> have been freed up.  That is, I would have read "too many jobs" as a
> resource issue and "too many documents" as a policy issue.  If we're
> not to try again, we should be clear that this error should only be
> if the problem is not expected to go away.
> Good ISSUE!  It would be good to get Michael Sweet's input on this, since
> requested these error codes.

I think that the status codes for both too-many-jobs and
too-many-documents should be worded such that a client MAY try again
later, not SHOULD or SHOULD NOT.  If we want to differentiate hard
and soft errors, I would recommend using server-error-not-possible
to specify that it is not possible to create a new job or document
(i.e. not-possible means don't retry, too-many-foos means you MAY

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