PWG August 2018 Face-to-Face Meeting - SummaryAugust 27, 2018

The PWG held its August 2018 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting on August 15-16, 2018 via WebEx teleconferences. Representatives from Apple, Canon, Google, High North, HP Inc., Lexmark, Oki, Ricoh, TIC, TCS and Xerox attended the meetings. Attendees reviewed work in progress, including drafts of a number of in-progress specifications, and discussed liaisons with partner groups. Here is a summary of the proceedings.

PWG Plenary

In the PWG Plenary, we reviewed the overall state of the PWG, its programs and initiatives, and briefly discussed upcoming face-to-face meeting scheduling. We noted that there are now 272 printers certified by the PWG's IPP Everywhereâ„¢ Self Certification program, with more certifications believed to be in progress. Each active PWG workgroup (IDS Workgroup and IPP Workgroup) summarized their current status. We also recognized that RFC 8010 and RFC 8011, the RFCs defining IPP/1.1, had advanced to full Internet Standard status as STD 92, which is a great achievement! Finally, we reviewed the status of our partners' work in Trusted Computing Group (TCG), IETF, Mopria, Linux Foundation OpenPrinting Workgroup, and a quick summary of our 3D liaisons.

Complete minutes are available here:

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Workgroup

On the first day, Ira McDonald and Mike Sweet led a survey of the status of all IPP WG active work. Mike then presented the most recent draft of IPP Everywhere v1.1 and IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification Manual v1.1. The group considered some changes to add certification for IPP Everywhere Servers and how that certification process would differ from the existing certification program for IPP Everywhere Printers. We also discussed how to best reference STD 92 or RFC 8011 directly.

After a break, Smith Kennedy presented a slide set highlighting a number of issues with the current Job Save and Reprint feature in PWG 5100.11 (JPS2) that were complicating his Job Reprint Password registration initiative. The attendees concluded that "job-save-disposition" was inadequately specified and should be deprecated and replaced with new attributes that more precisely satisfy the Job Save and Reprint feature use cases. This change in the way to support the "Saved Job with Password" use case that was intended to be solved by Job Reprint Password will hopefully produce a new but much more usable solution for the entire scope of "Job Save and Reprint" use cases. Smith and Ira agreed to partner on editing this new update to 5100.11. We concluded the day's meetings with Mike leading a review of his most recent draft of IPP System Service. A few editorial issues were found, and prototyping status was discussed.

On the second day, following the IDS WG session, Mike Sweet presented slides and led a discussion on the recently finalized TLS 1.3 (RFC 8446) and its potential impacts on IPP. Following a break, Smith presented the most recent draft of IPP Authentication Methods, where a number of editorial issues were identified. The group then shifted focus to IPP 3D related topics. Mike led a review of the latest drafts of IPP 3D v1.1 and PWG Safe G-Code. Paul Tykodi reviewed the PWG's 3D related liaisons in more detail, which he has been leading for the PWG. Paul provided an overview of the recent work by AMSC, ISO/IEC JTC 1 3D Printing and Scanning Study Group, and others, and what next steps he and the PWG might want to take. We then concluded with a summary of next steps for the IPP WG.

Complete minutes are available here:

Imaging Device Security (IDS) Workgroup

On the morning of the second day, Alan Sukert led the IDS WG meeting with a status review of the proposed Version 1.1 of the Hardcopy Device (HCD) Protection Profile (PP) and went through all the changes included in the latest draft update to the HCD PP. We also looked at potential changes that could be included in HCD PP Version 1.1 and the status of efforts to create an HCD international TC (iTC) with the goal of transitioning the HCD PP into an HCD collaborative PP (cPP). The IDS WG goal is to get a draft ESR to the CCDB in time to be discussed at its upcoming Oct 2018 meeting.

Complete minutes are available here:

Next PWG Face-to-Face Meeting

The next PWG Face-to-Face meeting will be a virtual event tentatively planned for November 14-15. Please check the PWG Meetings page for information on upcoming meetings.