PWG August 2019 Face-to-Face Meeting - SummarySeptember 9, 2019

The PWG held its August 2019 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting on August 28-30, 2019 via WebEx teleconferences. Representatives from Apple, Canon, Google, High North, HP Inc., Kyocera, Lexmark, Qualcomm, TIC, TCS and Xerox attended the meetings. Attendees reviewed work in progress, including drafts of a number of in-progress specifications, and discussed liaisons with partner groups. Here is a summary of the proceedings.

PWG Plenary

In the PWG Plenary, we reviewed the overall state of the PWG, its programs and initiatives, and briefly discussed upcoming face-to-face meeting scheduling. We noted that there are now 412 printers certified under the PWG's IPP Everywhere™ Self Certification program, with more certifications believed to be in the works. We discussed the PWG Steering Committee's activities and initiatives, including PR efforts and recently approved documents. Each active PWG workgroup (IDS Workgroup and IPP Workgroup) summarized their current status. Finally, we reviewed the status of our partners' work in Trusted Computing Group (TCG), IETF, Linux Foundation OpenPrinting Workgroup, Mopria Alliance and 3MF Consortium.

Complete minutes are available here:

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Workgroup

On the first day, Ira McDonald and Mike Sweet surveyed the status of current IPP Workgroup work in progress. We then moved to a review of the latest revision of IPP Everywhere™ v1.1 and IPP Everywhere Self Certification v1.1. After a break, we then completed a review of the latest draft of IPP Job and Printer Extensions Set 3 v2.0 (JPS3v2.0), picking up where we left off in one of the previous teleconferences. After another break, we began a review of IPP Production Printing Extensions v2.0 (PPX).

On the second day, after the IDS Workgroup session, the IPP Workgroup sessions started with a review of IPP Encrypted Jobs and Documents v1.0, which hadn't received much attention recently. Several additions and modifications were proposed, and it was suggested that prototyping might begin this fall. We then reviewed the latest draft of IPP System Service, which is in PWG Last Call. After a break, we concluded our review of IPP Production Printing Extensions v2.0, since an updated draft of IPP Enterprise Printing Extensions v2.0 wasn't yet available for review.

On the third day, we began with an Errata status summary, and then Paul Tykodi led a discussion on the status of the PWG's 3D Printing related liaisons and outreach efforts. After our lunch break, we held a 3D Printing Metadata BoF, which unfortunately didn't manage to attract more attendees. We concluded with next steps.

Complete minutes are available here:

Imaging Device Security (IDS) Workgroup

At the start of the second day, Alan Sukert led the IDS Workgroup status and progress discussion. NIAP has indicated that it will not accept any changes to HCD PP version 1.0, so HCD PP v1.1 will not be approved or published. The consensus in the group was that this was actually a positive development in that the work we did HCD PP v1.1 won't have to first go through NIAP review. The draft HCD PP v1.1 will move directly to be the basis for the first draft of HCD cPP 1.0.

We then discussed the status of the HCD Technical Community (TC) transition towards becoming an HCD international TC (iTC), which will create the group that will be authoring the HCD cPP 1.0. The HCD WG is working very closely with the CCMC to obtain CCMC approval before the upcoming HCD TC Face-to-Face Meeting which will be held Sep 26th in Singapore. We then discussed issues associated with the transition from an HCD TC to an HCD iTC and what the content of an HCD cPP version 1.0 might be. The upcoming HCD TC Face-to-Face on Sep 26th will cover both technical issues regarding the HCD TC and cPP, and issues in setting up the HCD iTC. Some time was spent discussing scope and additional requirements to be added to the HCD cPP 1.0 beyond the state of the draft HCD PP v1.1.

Ira provided a status update on the additions he is making to the next revision of PWG Hardcopy Device Security Guidelines.

Complete minutes are available here:

Next PWG Face-to-Face Meeting

The next PWG Face-to-Face meeting will be November 20-21, 2019 via WebEx teleconferences. Please check the PWG Meetings page for updates on plans for upcoming meetings.