PWG February 2018 Face-to-Face Meeting Summary
February 13, 2018

The PWG held a "virtual" face-to-face meeting via WebEx teleconferences on February 7-8, 2018. Representatives from HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Apple, Canon, Oki, High North, Ricoh, TIC and TCS attended the meetings. Attendees discussed status of current projects and liaisons with other groups, reviewed upcoming work on IPP, and discussed latest drafts of several specifications and white papers under development.

The meeting information and document links are on the February 2018 PWG F2F meeting page.


In the PWG Plenary, we reviewed the state of the PWG, including noting pending merger between Xerox and Fuji Xerox. We briefly covered the status of each working group, noting that the Imaging Device Security (IDS) working group will hold periodic meetings as part of its new role to review and discuss issues implementing the new HCD Protection Profile and other HCD standards. We noted that there are 206 printers certified under the IPP Everywhere™ Self Certification program, more are purported to be on the way, and that an update to the IPP Everywhere™Self Certification Suite will be coming in 2018. We briefly reviewed a number of new initiatives for IPP coming in 2018. We discussed our liaison relationships with Trusted Computing Group (TCG), IETF, Mopria, AMSC, ISO/IEC JTC1 3D Printing and Scanning Study Group, possible collaboration with ISO TC 171 SC2, and possible collaboration with IEEE P3030.

Imaging Device Security (IDS) Workgroup

The IDS WG did not have any sessions. There will be a number of updates and discussions at the PWG May 2018 F2F.

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Workgroup

In the IPP WG sessions, we discussed in more detail some of the liaison relationships between the PWG and various SDOs developing 3D printing standards. Mike Sweet led a review and discussion of a new "Welcome to Printing with IPP" mini-book, aimed at introducing newcomers to IPP. Smith Kennedy presented his latest draft of IPP Job Save Password, and this discussion included a side topic about IPP and GDPR and the privacy of Job Description attributes. Mike Sweet showed some documentation of CUPS policy settings that can control the visibility of various Job Description attributes, and he proposed a new IPP Registration named "IPP Privacy Attributes" where attributes for controlling this might be defined. Smith and Mike then led a discussion of proposals for schemes for IPP document encryption. 

On the second day, Ira McDonald and Mike Sweet presented their latest draft of the IPP System Service specification. Smith Kennedy briefly presented an updated drafts of his "IPP Authentication Methods" white paper and there was a discussion of OAuth2. IPP Everywhere Self Certification 1.1 planning and scope was also discussed.

Complete minutes are available here:

Next Meeting

The PWG will hold its next face-to-face meeting May 15-17, 2018, hosted by the PWG in the Sunnyvale / San Jose CA area. Information on upcoming meetings is listed on the PWG Meetings page.