PWG November 2018 Face-to-Face Meeting - SummaryDecember 3, 2018

The PWG held its November 2018 Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting on November 14-15, 2018 via WebEx teleconferences. Representatives from Apple, Canon, Google, High North, HP Inc., Lexmark, Oki, Ricoh, TIC, TCS and Xerox attended the meetings. Attendees reviewed work in progress, including drafts of a number of in-progress specifications, and discussed liaisons with partner groups. Here is a summary of the proceedings.

PWG Plenary

In the PWG Plenary, we reviewed the overall state of the PWG, its programs and initiatives, and briefly discussed upcoming face-to-face meeting scheduling. We noted that there are now 355 printers certified by the PWG's IPP Everywhereâ„¢ Self Certification program, with more certifications believed to be in progress. Each active PWG workgroup (IDS Workgroup and IPP Workgroup) summarized their current status. Finally, we reviewed the status of our partners' work in Trusted Computing Group (TCG), IETF, Mopria Alliance, Linux Foundation OpenPrinting Workgroup, and a quick summary of our 3D liaisons. Xerox's Jeremy Reitz, acting in his role as Mopria Alliance liaison to the PWG, presented "Mopria Overview 2018".

Complete minutes are available here:

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Workgroup

On the first day, Ira McDonald and Mike Sweet surveyed the status of current IPP Workgroup work in progress. We then reviewed the most recent draft of IPP Everywhere v1.1 and IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification Manual v1.1. The group considered several topics, including changes to the certification process to align with some proposed changes to the PWG website, and possibly listing additional attributes in v1.1 as "Recommended", to begin the process of incorporating them into a future major revision of IPP Everywhere. We also heard feedback that the specification can be hard for those unfamiliar with the PWG specifications ecosystem to read as a single document, and considered a few ideas about how to make it easier for newcomers to determine what they needed to implement, why various attributes are required, and whether certain "feature verticals" that might be required or optional could be certified as well.

After a break, Paul Tykodi reviewed the PWG's 3D liaisons in more detail. Paul provided an overview of the recent work by AMSC, ISO/IEC JTC 1 3D Printing and Scanning Study Group, and others, and what next steps he and the PWG might want to take. We then shifted to review the latest drafts of IPP 3D Printing Extensions and PWG Safe G-Code, both of which are in the prototype stage and should be ready for last call in Q1 2019. Some additions for "material-type" IPP 3D Printing Extensions may be added before last call to cover some concrete printing applications. We then reviewed the latest draft of IPP System Service, evaluating a number of aspects of system subscriptions and notifications and how to make sure support for monitoring the System as well as its Printer objects might be best handled. We finished the day with a review of the most recent draft of IPP Authentication Methods, in which considerations of SAML were added. It is nearing completion.

On the second day, the IPP Workgroup sessions started with a presentation by Smith Kennedy (HP Inc.) examining desired use cases and the issues driving a revision of JPS2 that would include a new set of IPP attributes to better support stored jobs. JPS2's "job-save-disposition" was earlier judged to be incapable of supporting the requested use cases without breaking backward compatibility with earlier systems. We then reviewed the most recent draft of MFD Alerts v1.1, discussing how to resolve a number of issues with keyword naming without causing compatibility issues. We concluded the day's sessions with a short review of the most recent draft of IPP Document Object v1.1, and next steps.

Complete minutes are available here:

Imaging Device Security (IDS) Workgroup

On the morning of the second day, Alan Sukert led the IDS Workgroup session with a review of changes to HCD PP v1.1 proposed at the Hardcopy Device Technical Committee face-to-face meeting held in Amsterdam on October 29, 2018, and status of efforts to create an HCD international Technical Committee (iTC) tasked with transforming the HCD PP v1.1 into an HCD collaborative PP (cPP). We discussed questions about TLS 1.1 and 1.3, whether to consider print servers as well as output devices, including Wi-Fi, and ways of managing various procedural issues. Ira suggested that the IDS Workgroup pursue some type of liaison activity with the TCG like what we are doing now with the HCD TC. The IDS Workgroup will hold a special meeting in December 2018 to discuss actions to initiate a dialogue with the TCG, and hold a general IDS Workgroup Meeting in January 2019 to review the ESR and TOR for the proposed HCD iTC, review the final HCD PP v1.1 changes, and discuss the liaison with the TCG.

Complete minutes are available here:

Next PWG Face-to-Face Meeting

The next PWG Face-to-Face meeting will be a virtual event tentatively planned for February 13-14. Please check the PWG Meetings page for updates on plans for upcoming meetings.