IFX Mail Archive: IETF Meetings on IPP2IFAX

IFX Mail Archive: IETF Meetings on IPP2IFAX

IETF Meetings on IPP2IFAX

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 14:15:05 -0600

At the Orlando meeting of the IETF I presented the draft IPP2IFAX document.

Basically, in my judgement, things went very very well.

The IPP meeting had a number of IFAX participants and I represented the
document at the IFAX meetings as well.

The general conclusions were:

A. No one objected to the work. In fact Herman Silbinger the ITU SG 8
Rappateur for FAX was there and stated that he had no objections to the
work and did not see any conflict with the ITU T.38 real time fax work. In
his judgement .."anything that promotes fax is good".

B. Keith Moore the Apps area AD seemed to be impressed with the
similarities between IPP and FAX in general and suggested that a separate
WG be established to coordinate work between the IPP and FAX WG on this
issue. I will take the liberty of starting the ball rolling on Charter
BOF/WG formation and present the alternatives at the IPP/PWG WG meeting in
San Diego DEC 16 and 17th.

C. Several of the FAX WG participants indicated that they would be willing
to participate in the work. We are going to need authors in this area
so...if you are interested now is the time to indicate your interest. I'll
volunteer to take the existing draft and turn it into a proper Goals and
Requirements document. Authors will be needed in IPP Client Profile
behavior area [ we will not call it a profile since there was some serious
objections to the use of "Profile"] as well as IPP attribute definitions
and attribute mappings.

Suggestions, comments and flames are always welcome.

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