IFX Mail Archive: IPP2IFAX Proposed WG and Charter Bashing

IFX Mail Archive: IPP2IFAX Proposed WG and Charter Bashing

IPP2IFAX Proposed WG and Charter Bashing

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 15:30:34 -0600

During IETF Orlando I made a presentation to both the Internet Print=
WG as well as the FAX WG on the issue of the using IPP as a Facsimile=
based on a personal ID that I submitted. [draft-shockey-ipp2ifax-01.txt]

There was considerable discussion of this issue in the IPP WG and there was
general consensus that this was a area that could use some work.

Several individuals at both meetings indicated a desire to contribute.

It was the suggestion of the APP Area Director Keith Moore that this be set=
as a separate IETF WG to facilitate discussion between the IPP and FAX WG's=
this issue

On December 16 & 17 I presented the results of the IETF meetings to a group=
PWG/IPP members in San Diego.

The consensus at that meeting was that this concept has merit and should
proceed. Several individuals at that meeting offered to participate in the=
and the suggestion was put forward that I be proposed as the Chair of this=
WG/BOF should it be chartered.

Before I formally submit a request for a new WG to the AD's I'd like to bash
out a Charter.

The proposed charter below was discussed at the PWG/IPP meetings in San=

Any comments, suggestions, flames etc would be appreciated.


Internet Print Protocol and Internet Fax (ipp2ifax)

Chair(s): Richard Shockey <rshockey@ix.netcom.com> [PROPOSED]
Applications Area Director(s):
Keith Moore <moore+iesg@cs.utk.edu>
Patrik F=E4ltstr=F6m <paf@swip.net>

Area Advisor
Keith Moore <moore+iesg@cs.utk.edu>

Mailing lists:
General Discussion: ifx@pwg.org
To Subscribe: majordomo@pwg.org
In Body: subscribe ifx [your-email-address] =
The subject line should be blank =20

Archive: =20

Description of Working Group:

The Internet Print Protocol [IPP] has been developed within the IETF to
facilitate the remote printing of documents over the Internet. At a=
level of abstraction FAX on the General Switched Telephone Network [GSTN]=
also be considered a remote printing or document transfer technology.

The purpose of the work group will be to investigate and document those
elements of IPP that qualify as a facsimile service. A goal of the WG will=
to note the legal as well as general custom and practice of GSTN FAX and=
those principals to IPP transactions.

Current work within the IETF on FAX has centered on using Internet Mail
standards in a Store and Forward mode. Considerable evidence exists that=
is a need for protocols that more closely approximate the real-time and=
to point model of traditional GSTN FAX.

Traditional GSTN FAX is limited to the type and quality of output. IETF
Internet Fax standards are also limited to a specific set of MIME=
specified in RFC 2301. IPP has no such restrictions on the quality of=
to be printed or displayed.

The WG will not propose any revisions to the current Internet Print Protocol
specifications but may use normal IPP Attribute Extensions and behavioral
practice requirements to facilitate interoperability with GSTN FAX and=
using elements of RFC2301 as needed.

The WG will not propose any revisions or extensions to IETF Internet Fax
standards [RFC2305] and its successors.

The group will take note of other areas within the IETF that may have direct
bearing on IPP and FAX interworking.

Relevant areas include: =20

- Security, Authentication and Encryption (SSL3 -TLS)
- Sender Identification (vCard)

The working group will take note of quality of service issues. =20

The working group will coordinate its activities with the Internet Print
Protocol working group [IPP] and the Internet Fax working group [FAX] as=
other facsimile-related standards bodies and related work groups, notably=
ITU-T Study Group 8. =20

Goals and Milestones: =20
March 1999 : Submit Internet Draft of Goals and Requirements for the use of=
Internet Print Protocol as a Facsimile Service

April 1999 : Submit Internet Draft for IPP Behavior as a Facsimile Service

May 1999 : Submit Internet Draft of IPP as a Gateway to SMTP and GSTN=

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