IFX Mail Archive: Re: IPP2IFAX Charter Bashing Last Call

IFX Mail Archive: Re: IPP2IFAX Charter Bashing Last Call

Re: IPP2IFAX Charter Bashing Last Call

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 12:42:16 -0600

At 05:25 PM 1/6/1999 +0900, MAEDA toru wrote:
>I have 2 questions.
>(1)Do you include EIFAX[RFCxxxx] ?
>(2)What is the reason to limit Profiles S and F.

Maeda-san thank you. I look forward to your comments and suggestions on
this work in the upcoming months.

To answer your questions.

(1.) Yes ..I assume that we include all EIFAX work. I did not include a RFC
for this since one as not been issued yet. I tried to accommodate this by
saying, "The WG will not propose any revisions or extensions to IETF
Internet Fax standards [RFC2305] and its successors." EIFAX being a
successor to 2305. If you have any language that you feel is more
appropriate or is clearer on this issue I'll include it.

(2) I see your point. There is no specific reason to restrict support to
any specific subset of 2301 but there has been general agreement within IPP
circles that we should mandate support for elements of 2301 much as we have
done in IFAX [profile S]. Which profiles should be mandated is, of course,
a subject for discussion there may be consensus for support of the full F
profile as well. Your thoughts on this matter are welcome. For the time
being I'll remove specific references to profiles S&F.

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