IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

Dan Wing (dwing@cisco.com)
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:08:14 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999 17:41:59 -0700, Nick Webb wrote:

> How about the time/date? GSTN fax typically puts the time on the top of the
> page and, since it's the sender that generates the watermark, must be the
> time of the sender. If the cover page is generated at the receiving end,
> are there any regulations / problems with the time being from the
> receiver's perspective rather than the sender's? I guess that could be
> supplied along with the sender's ID.
> Nick Webb
> Auco, Inc.

With the delays inherient in queueing a print job, do you think the
timestamp should be the time-of-submission or the time-of-printing?

I think both should be indicated on the coverpage. If the fax is urgent
-- say, a fax to your stockbroker -- there are legitimate reasons to want

Much of the same problems exist with larger fax machines that store images
in memory when faxes are arriving faster than they can be printed, or
when the paper tray is empty.

Of course, the receiving device (the IPP printer or what-have-you) doesn't
really "trust" the timestamp generated by the sender. Perhaps you want:

time of transmission as claimed by sender
time of reception by IPP server
time print job was commenced by IPP printer

-Dan Wing