IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

Dan Wing (dwing@cisco.com)
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:47:38 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:19:16 -0700, Nick Webb wrote:

> >With the delays inherient in queueing a print job, do you think the
> >timestamp should be the time-of-submission or the time-of-printing?
> I was more worried about differing time zones.

My home GSTN-based fax provides no mechanism for entering its timezone,
and it also doesn't do daylight savings time.

Anything we do beyond that is gravy, I think.

With the annoying complexities of timezones and daylight savings time, and
the reluctance of some IPP vendors to include a clock for IFX, it would be
nice to have a loss requirement for IFX, I think.

-Dan Wing

> If I send a fax to the UK from the US then the time printed on the
> received fax in the UK is the time from my point of view (GMT-8), not
> from theirs (GMT). If the receiver generates the watermarks then
> either it needs to be aware of the sender's timezone and adjust
> accordingly or the sender needs to send the timestamp.
> >I think both should be indicated on the coverpage. If the fax is urgent
> >-- say, a fax to your stockbroker -- there are legitimate reasons to want
> >both.
> Good idea. Perhaps the timezone needs to be included in that so that you
> can truly use the information (I might send it from anywhere in the world
> and my email address could be the same).
> >Of course, the receiving device (the IPP printer or what-have-you) doesn't
> >really "trust" the timestamp generated by the sender. Perhaps you want:
> >
> >time of transmission as claimed by sender
> >time of reception by IPP server
> >time print job was commenced by IPP printer
> Sounds like a committee solution, but probably the best.
> Nick Webb
> Auco, Inc.